The Owner.

I’m Holli Witherington, the Owner and Founder of Holli’s Lawn Celebrations, LLC. I am also the Executive Director of the Brandon Whitten Institute for Addiction & Recovery, its four grant programs, and a Dept. of Professional Programs in Human Services Counseling Instructor at East Central University in Ada, OK. Yes, I obviously like to stay busy! I’m also a proud McLish Oiler & ECU Tiger! I love to travel, craft, and engage in almost anything creative (writing, painting, reading, designing, etc.). I’m happily married with two dogs and I often drag my husband along to help with lawn celebrations. I am thoroughly enjoying this new adventure and I am so grateful for all of my amazing customers!

The Idea.

The idea for this company started in March of 2020, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. I found myself unexpectedly working from home and missing the travel, fellowship, and adventures that each year typically brings. This seemed like a terrific way to spread cheer, develop a new hobby, help others with drive by birthday celebrations, and surprise my family and friends. I had no plans to launch an actual business. But the more I explored the world of yard carding, I realized quickly that this small business was a dream I didn’t know I had. The idea rapidly became a reality and Holli’s Lawn Celebrations officially began placing celebrations on May 29, 2020!

The Details.

Terms & Conditions for each rental:

1. Lawn celebrations are not confirmed or placed until payment is received.

2. Please remember, all lawn celebrations are RENTAL only. The items are NOT yours to keep, other than keepsake signs.

3. All lawn celebrations are considered weather* and water proof. *Extreme weather or winds over 25mph may make it necessary to cancel, reschedule, or remove a lawn celebration early. If cancellation occurs prior to placement of the lawn celebration, your payment will be refunded. If early removal occurs, a partial refund may be given.

4. Damage to a lawn celebration may incur fees ranging from $10-$100 (typically $10 per damaged piece or replacement cost of that piece). This includes damage done by mowing or weeding. Do not move the signs due to potential damage.

Contact Us


Call or Text: (580) 421-5345