Pricing Details

Serving Ada, OK!

Celebrations start at $35 plus tax. Serving Ada & a 10-mile radius. Additional communities served for additional charge.

How It Works

Please note, all celebrations are 24 hour rentals, other than the keepsake signs.

More Details

Terms & Conditions for each rental:

1. Lawn celebrations are not confirmed or placed until payment is received.

2. Please remember, all lawn celebrations are RENTAL only. The items are NOT yours to keep. (Excludes keepsakes).

3. All lawn celebrations are considered weather* and water proof. *Extreme weather or winds over 25mph may make it necessary to cancel, reschedule, or remove a lawn celebration early. If cancellation occurs prior to placement of the lawn celebration, your payment will be refunded. If early removal occurs, a partial refund may be given.

4. Damage to a lawn celebration may incur fees ranging from $10-$100 (typically $10 per damaged piece or replacement cost of that piece). This includes damage done by mowing or weeding. Do not move the signs due to potential damage.

Ready to request a celebration?

Click the link below to submit your request. I will respond within 24-48 hours to let you know if the requested date and celebration are available and send an invoice. Requests are not confirmed until payment is received.

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